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OK. I confess (again): When things get quiet on EP the first place I head to is the 'New Groups' section. I used to check all the new groups out fairly seriously but nowadays I do it mainly for titillation. There are always a few new 'mature' groups there.

What amazes me is that the topics are so consistent. There is always, without fail, a group related to having your wife sleep with someone else. There's always a toilet fetish group. ****** groups seem to be fairly frequent. Every day, and probably several times a day, someone is making a new group with these topics! They're not seeking out existing groups, but building new ones to contain their stories - and often there's no story.

The surprise comes when you compare it to other areas of human experience. There just doesn't seem to be the variety attached. Or perhaps I haven't been looking for it - or perhaps people are keen to seek out existing groups where they exist?

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LOL, Roj.......I`ve seen those groups, too.....one member.....that`s sad....<br />
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Sure thing, June...I happen to run into one who said his/her reason...

Thanks :)

My "they" also only joins existing groups. Those I know who create new groups are way too quirky to have similar experience(s) with others!<br />
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I ran into a member this morning who has about 8 experiences telling others how much he loves cats. There is I Love Cat, I Love Cats, I Talk to My Cat, I Rescued A Cat... So cute.<br />
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I never knew why before, thanks for providing me with one, Sylph! Me, I join existing groups whenever possible.

I was never very good at getting badges at Brownies...I wonder if there is a correlation???

yes, a whole list of things which sums up who you are ...

That's another way of using the site, isn't it - sort of a badge collection ala the boy scouts or girl guides!

Just a bold statement probably says all there is to say about their "experience" anyway. Just saying "I like to eat chocolate buttons off my girlfriend's nipples" just about sums up the experience really - and some folks just don't write stories after all.

Probably right. A bit of 'recent circle activity' massaging.

Just thinking about this, I have a feeling that these people want to make a statement AND bring it to the attention to those in their cirlce who happen to be online...I guess they believe creating a group creates more interest than just joining one...espeically if they aren't going to write a story about it...

I think that could be it - and I've wondered whether they might be people who've just joined the site and are having trouble finding groups (eg. especially what happens when you enter your first five groups). Sometimes that's it - but most of the time these people have a stack of experiences under their belt.

I appreciate what you are saying roj. It would seem that the point of joining EP is to SHARE experiences with others - whether they are sexual or otherwise - but perhaps people create a group title just to make a statement - if you just say "I am horny for a man who wears bicycle clips" then you can be sure to get attention!

Interesting idea Sylph. Though these are usually groups with members=1 when I see them.

I've noticed this trend, too, Roj...sometimes they actually mean the same but a different group has to be created. I know of one reason...<br />
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When a group has too many members, others would create a similar one so that the new group is few and tightly-knitted.

M, they're under 'Groups -> What's New'. <br />
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Another fun place to look is 'Experiences -> Most Recent', using the filter ;-)<br />
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June I see a bit of that but my 'they' person usually joins existing groups! I guess it's just part of the rich diversity of ways in which people use EP???

I do know of this member who's hurting a lot emotionally and - I'm going to use <b><i>they</i></b> here to avoid revealing the gender - they amaze me everyday too, by being able to find a number of groups where they can express over and over how painful life is for them.

Where's the new groups section???

I can thank Mediocre for that. She suggested Deviantart as a place to look for group logos - wish I'd thought of it earlier!!! Much more interesting than Google Images.<br />
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There usually are a few different ways of saying the same thing, but these groups are just so relentless (obviously I check the 'New Groups' frequently enough to notice!). Maybe depression is almost as regular a topic in there, I can't think of many others.