My Precious 2 1/2 Inches

I was 5ft 2 and 1/2 when I was 18. 2 and a half years later , I'm 5ft exactly ....

Where did my 2 1/2 inches go ?!

Cocolily Cocolily
18-21, F
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Don't worry I still love you gimli ;)

I guess you want to go up not down ! lol

Any extra inches would be great!

I've never heard of someone shrinking before unless they are older. That's odd.

I know a guy who lost a foot. He has a peg leg now :)

Haha ! Good one :) .

Although if I had lost a foot , I'm pretty sure Willy Wonka would start a worldwide hunt for me to bring me to his factory !

Small is beautiful.

...sometimes * :)

...very often :)

You can't use my method of correction ... That's not fair :)

I just wanted to say that small things come VERY OFTEN in small packages ;)

Ahh well I suppose that's acceptable :)

A sink plunger might be better than a peg. Please pass on my recommendation, I'm sure it will help him

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See if you still have your heels on ...

Only idiots would measure themselves with heels on, right ?

I'm just kidding. Of course.

I would hope so :)

What's idiotic about it?

... The fact that you would measure your height wearing shoes that will alter your height maybe?

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