Are Moths Dead People Souls?

long time i didnt see a moth
my grandmother used to explain a visiting moth as a soul of a dead loved ones are visiting and at that time she used  to think it her dead son???
i loved my grandmother alot and got alot of pain for her death eventhough she was ill and old.
she died 9 years back but every now and then i dream of her being sad and angry that we lost her somewhere different in every dream and we found her after getting tired
today morning i was surprised by a moth standing quite on the curtains in my living room near the place i usually set as if she is looking toward me
i felt a light though intense unexplained feeling i felt like talking to my grandmother say sorry to her and howmuch i miss her it feels very strange because i remember all those years  i saw moths twice and all times i have starnge feelings and  i remember one time she came very close to me although i dont like to touch isects but i touched her did anybody shared the same experiance  
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My son passed away not to long ago. He was only 5 months old. A baby moth has been flying around my home. Its winter and I know moths should not be out. Especially baby ones. So I figure this is my son.

When you google "moths are lost souls" this story is the first thing to come up. That's why people keep posting here even after like 5 years. That in itself should confirm your suspicions. Personally, I'm here because I searched that and found your story, after I couldn't find my moth friend in my room. Last year, 2 of my friends Tanya and Tyler killed themselves. It helps me to think that they visit me in moth form occasionally. Tanya always loved moths and she would say things like the topic of all this conversation here... so I like to think that she would visit me in that form. The bottom line I think, is that if you need someone to visit you after death, they will... in any form... whatever works best. If I want to see my friends again as moths, then there they are sitting above my blacklight right now (actually a moth there now lol). If I want to see them in meditation they'll be there instead. If I want a message in my alphabet soup from them, I'll get it there. Spirits are energy, and energy can be whatever whereever whenever... that's just how I feel about it anyway.

Omg I just killed a white moth in my bedroom. My mom has been in the hospital since last Tuesday. This past Saturday we were informed that she has liver cancer. I hope that this not mean I will be losing my mom.

google kimberly g near death experience on the big is first search.

when my aunt was restless after sudden demise of Uncle, I saw a moth was flying around her and rested on her forehead..and I saw aunt slept with in few seconds.

I hope not because I have sprayed a lot of unwanted moths in the house with bug spray! I am petrified of them.

I looked this story up because I recently lost my granny... However I noticed that everytime I lost a loved one first at 13 then 18 next 28 & now at 33 I always saw a moth & I rarely see them only when I lost a loved one to know that others have also experienced what I have gives me comfort & now Im sure that was granny at my desk when I was at work

well I can tell you that i am sure that there is a link between moths and death relatives, When my father died same night a moth came, start flying around me , landed on my index finger and refused to fly away. My father in law died a year later- A moth landed on my wife's cigarrete( it was day time)- he used to tell her to stop smoking many times....You tell me what are the chances....

a few weeks ago, our family dog died. I was grief-stricken, and felt depressed for quite a while. About a week after his passing, we found a moth just flying around our house. My dad said it was his soul coming back to us, but I thought he was just being stupid. Now, almost a month later, that moth is still flying around, and I feel a bit calmer every time I see it, and it always flies around our hands. maybe...

My best friend was murdered, on this past Monday. I was sitting in my car talking to another close friend on Bluetooth having a cigarette. My window was only open about 2 inches. I did not see anything fly into my car, all of a sudden... there is a fairly big white moth, crawling on the back of my hand, I was startled and shook my hand, and my friend on the phone said to me. Yep! White moths in darkness, after death. Have been thinking about this, and stumbled across this thread. I now believe this was the soul of my best friend.

may God make her soul rest in peace and comfort your heart dear Theramfamily..death of beloved one of "if not" the most painful experiences but if we just remembered that we are spiritual beings passing through a physical journey and the Thereafter can be much more peaceful and closer to God we can comfort our hearts while thinking of death.

My mother passed away last night at home with us at her side. About 5 minutes after we left the room and opened the patio door, a moth entered and has been in the house ever since. Moths are not common here. My immediate thought was that it as her, but I brushed it off as silly. But, I keep thinking about it. I just captured it and brought it outside to free it. Mom was not ready to go, even though she had a terminal diagnosis a year ago and a terribly debilitating last few months.

thanks koyptakh<br />
realy butterflies are amaaaaazing creatures<br />
although i am not good at drawing but i used to love to draw butterflies when i was young.<br />
the butterfly "my moth" i told the story about stayed on my curtains for 2 days and when i moved the curtains she just dropped i couldnt touch her just i want her to fly by her own or just to know for sure she died<br />
i had a photo when i saw her but i dont know how to upload photos

Hi ocean00wave<br />
Interesting story. I will look on moths in a different light. Thanks<br />
Butterflies strike me as amazing creatures!<br />