What Just Happened!

I am constantly surprised by the reactions of others when something good happens to me. Just today I checked my email to find out that I had won concert tickets. My daughter is with me when I open the email. She gets excited and so do I. She asks can she go with me and I say of course. It turns out my sister and I have already purchased tickets for the same concert for the very next day, they are really in the nose bleed seats however. I get excited and call my sister, instantly she is ticked off because I said I was taking my daughter to the one I had won. Maybe I shouldn't have called her at all. I consider her probably to be my best friend. I can see that she would be upset, but she should have just been happy for me.

A few months ago in graduate school another friend of mine got upset when I received a passing grade and she did not. She was so upset that I could not enjoy the accomplishment and feeling of satisfaction I should have been able to enjoy. I am not talking about glotting but just plan satisfaction with my accomplishment. I know that I would have been happy for me. I might have been upset but I would have kept it to myself.

I'm just frustrated. I'm surprised and upset about being made to feel guilty for good fortune that has happened to me. I am sure I will feel better in a little while and wish that I had never written this. I am just venting right now.

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3 Responses Jun 12, 2009

I can understand your frustration and disappointment. Just consider it a part of the human element.

Well I'm very happy for you! I win lots of contests but that's because I know I can't afford alot of the luxuries so I enter more than others. Karma can be a good friend at times so long as you are good to her. <br />
<br />
Good for you and your happiness darlin'!<br />

People will always share your food, drink and money, when you want to share your concerns or your happiness, you are in a crowd of one.<br />
these people are are only listening as long as you are telling them, what they want you to be saying to them<br />
<br />
Hope you enjoyed the trip out.