Gurudev Or Little Girl?

Aum Rudra Prabhu ji

Guru pada sarvam samarpana

It has been long time yes a very long since I wrote.  Something happened and I know it has a meaning what or How I do not know and when I communicated with Felishiya she told that maybe people in India can help on this matter.

I do not know but two days before the day I was meditating on Prabhu ji’s face and asking me to give Darshan in person. The next day I felt the urge to read through the articles of Prabhu ji and felt like contemplating on them but the inner urge remained to see Prabhu ji.  By evening of 29th I just shut myself up in my puja room and went chanting Prabhu ji’s Namavali.

This happened on 30-March-2009 and I was disturbed, bewildered and amazed at the turn of events which have taken place. It was evening time and maybe in India it would have been around 13:30 hours. The climate got worse and I felt like talking a walk, and just a little further from my house I sat on the chair, Prabhu ji’s in hand and his names on my lips. Williams also came with me. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and when I turned I saw a small girl. She asked if I had anything for she was feeling hungry, the girl I had never seen in the vicinity, but I had nothing on me. I said that I am not carrying anything then she asked money for the same. It was strange we never seen anything like this but something inside me moved and I searched my pocket and in my mind popped 8 rubles I donot why but it popped and as if it is decided by God himself there it was change of 8 rubles. Williams also gave her 8 rubles. She took the money and she did not move rather she sat next to me and on appearance she looked rich, the clothes were good I should say pretty good, then why ask for money and after getting it also why is she sitting.

Then she smiled and ran away. And just opposite to us in the chilly weather we both saw a person young bearded person wearing a white gown and a head band looking at us. Suddenly I felt Williams hand clench my hands with force and I felt a single shot of energy moving from my back. It was Prabhu ji, I am hundred percent sure though in none of the pictures I saw him wearing a head band. Then a tow away cab passed through and the person vanished. The force of Williams hands also lessened and on the way back we talked about the whole incident. Even Williams felt the urge to give 8 rubles and he only had the change like I had, He also felt a strange vibration filling his body like I did.  The most amazing fact was that Williams saw the girl in a blue coat while I saw her in a white coat, two different colours, similarly Prabhu ji I saw wearing a white gown with white head band while Williams saw it as a Blue gown, the head band he also saw.  

A bhakta

Sabatini Maslow

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Mar 3, 2010