Divya Chetana Initiation - 31 Oct 2009

Date: 31 October 2009

Event: Divya Chetana Meditation

SS Members:  Srichaitanji, Sudhaji, Sharmialji, Lalithaji and Nivedithaji

Location: Fern City, Marathahalli, Bangalore

The day was breezy and sunny. We had in all 12 people joined us for the session. We invoked the Blessing of the Lineage, and then Ma Lalithaji explained to them what Divya Chetana is.

Sharmailji then explained the steps of the meditation to all.  We started the initiation post this.  The chant was played in the background and as the energy picked up – the chant session moved into sound of nature. The very moment we started initiating we saw various reactions, kids were smiling and yet had tears in their eyes.

We let them stay in the zone for a while after initiation… they had gone deep. Everyone felt refreshed and were happy when they came out of meditation.  We then did Aarthi and gave prasadam to all.


It was a wonderful feeling, I saw Mahababa. My heart felt like butterflies were floating in it. – Ramanaiduji

I saw bright white light – Bhuvanaji (11 yrs)

There was this burning in the heart and then I felt a blast. I saw a lamp there and all the stress in my body came into the flame in the lamp and was burnt away. I felt all my impurities getting burnt off. Then when sound of water was playing, I saw a river and I dipped in the water – I felt I was cleaned and pure. I could only feel an overwhelming feeling and felt tears

welling up – Rekha Guptaji

I had tears and there was intense concentration on the third eye, the and chant and the rhythm was very different – Srinandaji (13 yrs)

I saw light from the top and now I have no worries about my exam – Kartikaji (8 years)

I felt like someone was pulling me and saw many diyas in a line, I had tears which were not falling. I saw rays in the sky - Prarthnaji (9 years)

There was a pulsation in the head and light pain. Then I saw  a big light as in a huge column of light - as the prakash, on either sides was Maitreya’s smiling face like a baby and on top of the lamp was i saw Baba - and i was surprised, yet happy that i got to see Him. When I saw the light my head went up rising. Maitreya was very happy and smiling. It was an amazing moment. Maitreya asked - “What do you want?”  and I did not know what to say, but muttered - “Let the people in the world be happy” - “Sukhinao Bhavatu..”. This is truly  Divya Chetana - a moment of divine consciousness which can transform anyone. To see and experience this is a blessing. I felt joy and ecstatic - felt like crying in joy.  - Vasanthiji

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SS Members Experience:

I could feel the flow of energy was different from individual to  individual with respect to their chakras. Thus my hand movement were different from person to person while initiating. - Sudhaji

I could clearly point put when the the flow was right. My breath became erratic when the other person is out of tune, so I relax again and sync the breath and then continue with the initiation - Nivedithaji

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