I Used to Be Surrounded By Alcoholic Idiots . . .

But, I changed my whole lifestyle.  I divorced my alky husband, moved, changed my friends, learned to meditate, and several other things.  It took years but I'm happy that part of my life is over.  It was very stressful and chaotic. 
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4 Responses Jun 10, 2007

Very glad you were able to escape that kind of life. I do not think people should have to put up with anything that makes them feel comfortable.

Lots of applause to you and many best wishes that your path is easier and much more fun.

Thanks. I think the crowning glory is that my son put his Dad in jail. His Dad threw alcohol in his face and he called 911. The sheriff came over and was going to settle a domestic situation - he thought he did but as he was leaving my drunk husband looked at my son and said "I'm going to bust your *** when he leaves". The Sheriff heard him and that was it - he took him to jail. I laughed so hard. I'm glad my son is strong in spirit!

i am happy that you realized that your self worth and safety are a very important part of your life. when you are with alcoholics, the relationship isn't healthy. how can you be happy if things aren't healthy. i admire you.