Dammit. My best friend shall we call him Nathan, is turning to alcohol above all things. Since he has turned 18 in March he has been more and more obsessed with alcohol. He's quite important to me but I feel that my level of significance in his life has dropped due to his alcoholism. He goes out with his friends that can drink most often and when I do turn the age of 18 I don't want to suddenly be one of his alcoholic friends! I'm a dedicated athlete to start off with a little drink isn't going to kill me but at his rate I would end up with a liver transplant and to be perfectly honest I don't want that. I feel like I'm slowly loosing him and it's sad at that cuz I've known him half my life. I hope he will find the true path in his life and sought to find it quickly but with grace. I'm unsure whether I should confront the issue or not but I feel I have to it's something I'm now do not want to tolerate. His choice and all I know but I've at least got to do something before he leads to serious injury or dare I say it...death.
Someoneyouwillneverknow Someoneyouwillneverknow
16-17, M
Oct 5, 2015