Everyone I Love Is Lost...

All my life i have been around drug users. My parents used meth and smoked pot. All their friends did also and as i got older i also experimented with a variety of drugs. Soon after finishing high school i lost interest in drug use and drinking and went on to start a family. In the last year meth has taken over almost everyone i love. My mom of course still uses, now my younger siblings are using as well as most of my good friends. Some of them have done time because of meth, theyre all either having their kids removed by cps or just giving them up to other family members. I found pics from last year where everyone looked so vibrant and healthy. But no one looks the same now, theyre all too skinny or picked over or just look bad. I feel so alone! Theyre all in denial about the severity of their drug use, and I know anyway ive been around the block once or twice. Im so helpless, i feel like ive been running away from this way of living all my life but it only gets worse with every passing year. I want to run away and never look back sometimes. I thought about moving far away but i fear this plague must certainly be everywhere. Im sure its in no way isolated to our area. So sad, this terrible waste of beautiful special people i love. They are just shells of their former selves.
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My husband is on meth also and just started this year and I can tell only things are going to get worse. He's fast talking, lying , stealing staying out all types of nights and I just want my husband back I don't know who this person is. Sometimes I'm fooled by love and compassion for my husband but truth be told it's only a illusion in my own mind. He trying to hold on to his job and this house but I know eventually everything will go to **** if he doesn't stop soon. I left and came back because I'm scared for him also and I'll be torn if he over doses because he feels like his wife doesn't care enough to stick it out. Because you have experience in this area give me ur best advice.