My Whole Family!

I've lost my whole family to drug addiction. My mother my father and now my 3 sisters. My mother is no longer a meth addict but now she's a pill poper and alcoholic. My mother depends on me for everything and my sisters don't speak to me because I'm self righteous. I'm a horrible person because I don't live this life style. I feel like I have no one and I'm so sick of stressing about their children who have nothing if not for me and my mother who can't take care of her self! My own children would have more if my income wasn't always going to my family who doesn't even like me any ways. I just wish their was one person in my family who could be normal like me and could take some of this burden off my shoulders.
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I know how it feels trying to be the one who holds it together it's a burden that ppl around you expect you to be able to hold up prayer and support how old are the children if I may ask. I'm currently going through the same thing all my aunt's and uncles get high and my mother just relapsed of 8 years being cleaned and now my baby brother lives with me I have 4 children myself and trying to care for another Is hard what I do Is pray ask God to give you the strength and the knowledge to get thru he will provide the needs you and your family need as my family also it seems like a generational curse Prayer and the blood of Jesus is what's gonna get us through if you believe that you will be ok my prayers are with your family.

You are not responsible for taking care of your relatives' problems caused by their addictions. You can't cure or control them.

You can get free, anonymous support online and in many locations from al-anon and Nar-Anon, groups for those whose lives are affected by others' addictions. You can learn and be inspired by others experiences, strength and hope.

How do you find the website online

Addictive personalities are genetic. Not that this lets them off the hook for their behavior. There is always the choice to go down that path. I am so very sorry they have made that choice dear. I am proud of you that you have not gone with them.