I never grew up around drugs or addicts, so I thought. My best friend of 26 years passed away from an overdose 6 months ago. She was an alcoholic struggling to stay sober. After years of pain she was tired of disappointing people including herself and overdosed on heroin which wasn't her vice, I am pretty confident it wasn't an accident. She was my other half a friend from the day I was born. We had a relationship unlike any I've ever seen, an insane bond and true love for each other. It's still hard to comprehend she's actually gone.

I started dating someone over a year ago.. It was weird he had something against my friend in the very beginning of our relationship, even though he never met her. As time passed and the truth started to reveal itself my friend made it clear to me that my new love was also an alcoholic. I was in denial just like when I found out she was... The morning she died I woke up hearing something she had once said to me, "you will be his savior" referring to my alcoholic boyfriend.. I was crying hearing this over and over in my head though I didn't know anything had happened to my friend and contributed to start my day until I was told the news.

She would give me advice on what to do with my troubled boyfriend and I've been pretty lost since she left me. Lately it's been really bad, it's almost as if he's getting worse and i don't know what to do. I love him so much but I can't watch someone else kill themselves. He's admitted that he has a problem but is so severely depressed. He claims he's been depressed since he was 8 or 9 prior to losing his mother at age 11. He's tried every kind of pill, therapy... I believe in alternative medicines and a more holistic approach but don't know how to go about it. I'm constantly worried I'm going to get the phone call that something happened to him. Do i let him go or watch him kill himself slowly?
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Alcoholism/addiction is like a fire it always wants more. He is going to get worse much worse until he gets better by his own design. Perhaps you leaving him will be the crisis he needs to get it together. If you stay by his side & do nothing you will be for all intents & purposes holding his hand as you both go to Hell. I am so sorry - have you considered staging an intervention for him?