I Grew Up Around Drugs

When I was little my parents would be clipping smelly green stuff, they said it was salad lol.

But besides that, our house had sleeping bags tacked to the wall.

Maggots infesting the kitchen, dirty dishes everywhere.


I was definately an outside kid.

My parents were addicted to cocaine, alcohol, pills, and eventually meth.


In 3rd grade my mother was paranoid on meth, and accidently drove over a cliff. She lived though...but not without more paranoia. She would make me and my younger sibling sleep in bed with her, crammed and hot. I used to play "watch the clock" I would look at the time, and try to look back at a certain time. Say 9:45, and I had only 3 chances to look back at the right time.


My parents bought crack and stole baby food.

They recently have gotten clean though. One parent with 5 years clean,one with 2.

It's nice.

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Wow what a life...Blessings to you as you have some normalcy