Obviously this doesn't apply to everyone out there, but seriously? Recently, everywhere I turn I see posts about the ice bucket challenge. Yes, I think it's amazing that people are spreading awareness for ALS and there have been increases in donations, but people are doing it in such a counterproductive way! The drought in California is getting worse and worse and it's costing the state $2 billion and countless jobs. Every gallon that gets dumped on a person is a gallon that could have been contributed to farms for produce. Instead, people are wasting water to spread awareness about something that most people don't even know about! I'm almost positive that more than half of the people participating in this challenge are doing it because everyone else is doing it. They probably don't even know what ALS is! Sorry for ranting and seeming like a jerk but can we stop wasting water?! There's got to be another productive way to raise awareness.

Ok sorry I'm done ranting.
whassupoldlady whassupoldlady
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