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I Hate It

I could be with 100000 people and yet I still be alone and I know my friend are just people who use me. So I am alone in this world; my so called friends think that I am dumb. A's and B's. I know when they are using me or justplaying with my emotions. It hurts and altogether they are using my emotions and the fact that I. Always be alone to their advantage. I am The Unknown and I hate being alone.
Unknown1047 Unknown1047 18-21, M 1 Response Apr 9, 2012

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I seem to have the opposite problem. I find myself talking with people and making friends with people because I don't want to feel alone - using them to feel I'm not alone. In the end I find myself annoyed with these people because they are not the people I want to be friends with and still feel alone. Despite this I never seem to be able to bring myself to dismantle the friendship. I am just too good at fitting in I guess and that destroys me.