Dont Look @ The Trees

Snapping rented boots into the brackets was one of the first of many awkward things I would have to do today. My first day to ski, ever. We are lined up like first graders in p.e. actually there many have been a first grader there.
Being out of my element, I already wanted to leave. But I already signed up for this ski class. The instructor is giving us a speech, safety point your skis....ect. then she said, whatever you do don't look at the trees....
Me, I can't help myself...I got to know. Earlier you said not to look at the trees, why?
She said, whatever you look at you will ski towards, you keep your eyes fixed on the slope..
It's that true in life! When you take your eyes off your goal you inadvertently get off the path even slam into obstacles.
Instead of focusing on flaws and distractions cast your vision on where you want to arrive!
What is a distraction for you? Do you have your eyes fixed on a goal?
Whatever holds your attention holds your destiny. Your life is your own use it wisely!
underrock underrock
31-35, F
May 11, 2012