I Wish I Could Talk To The People Around Me...

When I need to talk to someone the most it feels like everyone that has ever offered thier ears are the ones that I probably should not be talking to. One example is at a place that I work. There is a girl that works there that I have recently started talking to and have been enjoying her company. I just found out that she will be moving soon and I am going to have to go much faster if I am to have any chance to be any kind of friend of hers. Thats all fine and I plan on taling with her tomorrow about it. (Maybe) I only wish that I could really talk to someone about the situation in great detail. This is when I start eliminating people from my list. Can't talk to them because they get jellous or I dont know them well enought to talk about relations with. My favorite one with this one is the one where I cant talk to her about it because she is the one that I am having problems with. I know it seems easy to work out and all, but I still would love to have some body to talk to on this one. I am still a virgin and will probably be for a while if I keep going the way I am going. I guess what it all boils down to is that I really like this girl and I am going to feel bad that I might not have the chance to let her know that. It gets really frusterating at times when you so desperatly want to talk, but know that there is none there to listen. And it doesnt hepl when they all say the same thing. Yoiu should have talked to me. If only it were that easy...
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if she is moving away ,offer to keep in touch . then make sure you do , hook up with her later , perhaps take her for a meal .she might be impressed that you made the effort ,good luck

I get you totally. It's really hard to have people around who don't listen or who half listen and are just there. It's like you can't get anything through and it's something you just can't deal with on your own.

Like I said, It's just fine that you're a virgin. I don't get why so many people are so quick to lose it. Once you lose it, it's like " okay, what next?" You can be who are are but there really is no excitement in finding the perfect one.

I understand, who do I go to, when there know one to listen... I am the one everyone else turn to... I have so many secrets inside me from other people...

I have spent my professional career listening to others. Talk to me.

Everyone needs someone to talk to. It doesn't matter what the problem is or what's going on or even just to bounce ideas off of. Good friends aren't always easy to come by, but when you find one, they are a treasure. OK, that's not what you're writing about, I know. You say you're having problems with this one person but I'm a bit lost. This is what I think you are saying. There's this girl at work that you like and you can talk to but she's moving away. Is that right? If that's the case, is she moving far, can you keep in touch via phone, internet and/or e-mail? Either way, you will have to get a move on. Don't worry about the fact that your still a virgin, you're still young & that will take care of itself later. Think about the e-mail thing and if you're too embarrassed to tell her how you feel in person, send her an e-mail now. She'll either say she likes you as well or she'll say she likes you as a friend. Either way, you will know. I have a feeling that she may like you as well. So, shake a let, get moving on this ASAP. It'll be OK. Good luck!