My boyfriend just left for aghan today and i am really depressed. This is my first time having a soldier as a boyfriend. soDoes that feeling ever go away?
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I'm the same way, this is my first time dating a military man. He proposed 2 days before deploying to Korea for a year. A year! I still cannot fathom the time. I have his mother to lean on and some great friends hre at my college that help me when I feel really down. I just purchased a drawing journal bc I get the urge to draw and write at the same time about how I'm feeling. It's been almost 3 days and no call but it's ok, I kno he's busy and he warned me about this happening at first. I'm scared and lonely and feel very lost and I'm so damn tired of crying.

no you will always have that feeling. as long as you find someone to talk to it will help out. make sure you keep yourself doing things. the more you do thing the faster time will go.

the feeling never goes away im sorry to say...but things do get takes time and talking abou it