His Mood

I don't know if anyone going throw what I am going throw but here it is .My boyfriend been station out of the united states for a year .The time he was he was having a hard time adjusting and being away from me telling me how there someone better for me and stuff .I keep pushing it and told him I love him and not going anywhere .He would not talk much and to blow off steam he would go to the gym or he use to drink alot .We did break up and I was fighting with to get him back me and him where going back in forth with our feeling .Finally we stop talking but he was talking to my mom on line and was getting mad at him .There was a time when I try to move on with a guy because he got in a relationship and I was made at him because he didn't want to be with me .He got a letter that got lost and told my mom how he didn't realized how much I loved him and that he still loved me .We did get back together .It was before his deployment he would call me and we skype before his Internet got shut off .There was some point where he was stress because he would tell me I am not going to talk to you much over there because its not chilled time over there .Before he left he had to get his taxes done and he pressed in in wrong and the military friends of his could not figure out but he was freaking out on line about it .His sergeant was telling him to calm down there someone on basese who can do it for you .My boyfriend like no they take me to jail all I care or something .At one point he did calm down but they went on about the deployment and my boyfriend like I don't know if I am going to come home alive and his sergeant told him that he might be on basethe the whole time and that he been throw deployments and he still fine .When my boyfriend got over there he would talk to me throw text a lot and say he cant stand life with out me and so on .Three day ago he hasn't text for a while and I know something was up .The other day he text me and was in his mood .My boyfriend like I wish you had a better boyfriend and stuff .Then he even text me I might not come home alive .I know he scared I don't know if he in the middle of everything .About a week ago 3 or 4 guys died over there .It was 17 hrs away from his basebase but don't know if they send him where it all happened .I don't know whats going on with him .I know he going throw a lot .I don't know if he really is something going on or his mood .
kellner27 kellner27
18-21, F
Feb 25, 2012