On Break Or No When He Say He Need Time

my boyfriend in the military .I have not seen him for a year and couple months .He deployed and he comes home in 6 months .He broke up with me before but one min he say I want to be with you the next tell me he dont .I know he stressed really easy .We did get back togeather we broke up with our boyfriend and girlfriend becuase he wanted me back and email my mom saying he made a mistake and that he wish I would talk to him .But 2 days ago we eaither on break on broken up .I have no ideal what we are right now .He said this to me "Im going to need some time im pretty depressed if I come out of this as a better person idk but anything possible.I need to understand you and everything about you and why you think this would work when im so unsure about everything how do you know for sure that we are not wasting our time trying to find better how do you know im the one if you never seen the real meI was holding back alot I think you should put your time into someone better but you pick the guy who was ******* everything in site and who dident care about anyone .Is he saying he need time ?
kellner27 kellner27
18-21, F
Mar 17, 2012