Coming Home Soon !!!

Even though he be home in a few months sometimes things are hard for me .When I need him the most its not like I can call him or tell him to come over.I never had a normal reationship before he went into the military where he be home all the time or had a first date or anything .I never got any of that .But I did see him on leave for 2 weeks it was the best 2 week of my life.When he comes home it be a month .Its more then I got before but he be going back to his station over seas for about 6 months then come home or close to home where it will be cheap to see him.I trying to stay strong but when I am stress I need him the most and some times I feel all alone but I know he always be there for me .Im scared to lose him like I have in the past when he got stressed becuase we broken up couple times.I cant belive he be home in aug.
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thanks you so much .Yes I been hanging in there but I been throw so much him breaking up and get back togeather couple times .There was times when we where with other people dident talk and broke up with each other bf and gf to get back togeather also went throw family issues .We been throw it all even his mood and stress issues .If I got throw all that with him I can get throw this .

Good Luck! Stay Strong honey! If you need any extra support or some girls to talk to like <br /><br />
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