5 Months Untile I Can See Him Again

Latly it been so hard .I been doing this for so long .I havent seen him for almost 2 year which is sometimes hard on me other times its not .I know we all have our breaking point but everyday I feel like I am couting down the days untile he comes home.Im trying to stay busy with friends work and school but we all know that our love ones over there will always be on our mind .I been missing my bf more then I ever becuase we skype but there pc over there has no camer so he can see me but I cant see him.I hate the pc they use becuase no camer and can only have so long on the pc .But I know its better then nothing .I write to him but he calles me a lot .I just miss him more then I have latly .Its like I dont know I love him so so much and I what girl would be doing this not beable to see there bf for 2 year but I have been doing it and I am still hanging in there and trying just becuase love.I never know love could overcome the things me and mf bf went throw .I never know what love untile he left and when my love grown for him.Im trying to be strong and I know that 5 months is not that long but it feels like forever for me its like time is going by so slow .
kellner27 kellner27
18-21, F
May 21, 2012