I Found A Reason To Hate Myself.. And The Reason Is You !

Hi.. I'm Sandy ! I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend past 2 years. So yes it's hard to explain why I feel my boyfriend is abusive. But here's why I feel he is.
He scares me. I'm so scared of him. I'm afraid to say something that might upset humans he himself agrees he doesn't know what way he would react to the same action in different situations. I'm tired of his constant telling me why I'm worthless sometimes he says it in humour sometimes seriously. I've realised I'm totally pathetic and I'm lucky to have him and I dunno how come he's with me !
He's well known in the media industry of my country and is often photographed in parties. Whereas I'm just a regular graduate still not sure what to do in life.
I feel empty and lonely. He yells and abuses me for things all the time even though I try to not screw up.
I'm scared of him and wanna sometimes get away from him but I love him so much. I dunno what to do. He has tagged me as a psycho c*nt and it hurts I'm trying so hard to get his acceptance. My friends say hes never going to change and if I marry him I will ruin my life forever.
I need help. What do I do?
lonelysandygreen lonelysandygreen
22-25, F
3 Responses May 18, 2012

I have an abusive relationship to cant find a way to leave I want to I really do, but you cant reserve a spot for someone in your heart that dont want to be there and thats something we have to learn

love is everything but look at where u stand right now in your life...u r just bullying yourself by trying live his life...he is not wrong,he is living his life style but you are not living life in your way......<br />
don't loose ur image of life..just be u n live ur life...he is not the only man in this world...<br />
hope u will find your best love soon...

Keep him out of your life, find someone else smile & be happy