Don't Understand.

I don't understand why my husband won't believe me that his sergents are telling the FRG, etc. to tell us they are coming home soon. and he keeps saying not for awhile and he knows and i am not with the right frg. I am really pissed off because i know i am. why cant he have faith in me? why cant he just listen. maybe he is right, but why does he have to put me down. and basically make me feel like i am too dumb to even get into the right frg. i am just feeling really upset right now.

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2009

Vicki is so right, different groups give different dates for everything!!! The posted return date on my boyfriends Division support page is completely different than the date they're getting over there. He thinks they have it right here and wrong on his end, but who knows! We hope for earlier, and plan to be flexible...because it's all we can do right?!?! lol<br />
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As for him making you feel stupid for it, I'm really sorry honey. Hopefully it's just a side affect of his stress, and him wanting to be able to have a better understanding of what's going to be happening to him.

He is conditioned to NOT count on dates of any kind. You have the right FRG I am sure, but he MAY not want to believe them, after all it's the military, You will get used to getting one date from one source and a completely different date say from where your hubby gets his info....<br />
Take a deep breath, I think he is doing that so that you don't get your hopes up too can change at the drop of a hat..<br />
Like I told my hubby, I will look forward to the date they gave us ( which has changed 4 times since December) for when he is to arrive home, but I won't count on it! <br />
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these are the things that make us strong girl! Hang in there! Holla if you need to, I'm here!