Keepers Of Viking Names

My first visit to my fathers homeland was when I was just 14. Needless to say Sweden has changed, as the rest of the World. I know it will never be able to still stay neutral in a W/W3 situation. Sweden was the only Empire that ever conquered Russia, and had learned its lessons from having to feed them.

The names are very beautiful but different to the American ear. Though Johan, Lars, Eric, Inga, are common here. In Scandinavia the old names are still kept, by traditional families.

My family names are as follows; Uncle Burtle (sounds like turtle, with a B), Folke, a very old name. Pronounced, (Fol-ka) hard K. Magnus.The females are; Charlotta, Lotta, Josafina, pronounced (Yessafina). Lots of hyphenated names too we have Inga-Lisa or Inger-Betta.

When Queen Christina of the middle ages was in power, and not for very long, she deemed that families keep the surname of DOTTER, So if you were Leo's daughter, your surname would be Leodotter. Of course, all of this changed when the Queen was beheaded by King Carl Gustav, the first Surnames would always be SON and it has stayed that way. Every so often a DOTTER will pop up, these people claim to be from the former queens lineage. Though, all of her family and court were beheaded.

So to know a Swede the surname is a double SS, i.e. Andersson, son or daughter of Anders. If you are Norwegian, only one S, Anderson. If your Danish the surnames would be Andersen, with an E.

Yes this has changd with people moving all over Scandinavia. The countries are close, so today Norwegians, Swedes and Danes names are similar in the spellings. But the above is still how one can detect where family tribes started.

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Rainbowcat:, You are going at a beautiful time make sure your bring home a large paper HARVEST MOON ornament. Find It - you will luv it. You will have to tell me everything. What part of Sweden to where you will be going? Remember there is mostly a word in english as in swedish. You will get the LINGO, i.e., lampa = light. Though I have not been there in almost fifteen years........looking forward to hearing from you. I luved the Gripsolm Castle, the old royalty were crazeeeeeeeeee. ENJOY!<br />
Blessings I will pray your journey godspeed.<br />

I am leaving for Sweden in a few weeks, to live with my Swedish man! ;-) Maybe you and I can talk about Sweden soon!