Squirrels Everywhere!

Yes, I'm Swedish, which I'm very proud of, I like Sweden, here are many forests and  many nice people.
If  you dont  have  been to  Sweden you should come over  here, I have a guest room that I dont  use, I'm kidding; I have no guest room, my place is too small for that, but if you are a girl so we can be in the same bed. My thoughts run away, sorry, where were we? Yeah that's right, Sweden! I usually run in the forest, Sweden has very nice nature and very nice wildlife, there are squirrels everywhere! Hahhahah, I begin to feel at home here at Experience Points, it feels good,
ConnyBunny ConnyBunny
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 9, 2011

I'm one quarter Swede. My great grandparents grew up in Orebru. (I hope I spelled that correctly.)<br />
I was wondering Connybunny, when you run in the forest, do you run naked?

They are red, I have never seen any gray,

Hello, welcome to Experience Project. Just wondering are the squirrels red or grey? We have mostly grey here in UK and i have never seen a red squirrel.