I just wonder if the phenomenon "soulmate" really excists. I feel pretty different from the people around me, I have a lot of interests, passions, ways of thinking, and I value things in life that others don't understand. For example, I think a lot about life, I see beauty where others don't, and so on, when others seem to care about "lesser"/other things. I just wonder if there is someone else like me out there? Is there any chance for a person to ever meet "the other half" or a "soulmate"? Or is it just a stupid dream? I've started to think a lot about my future, about love and that sorts of things. Sometimes I try to imagine what kind of guy I would fall in love with, and unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that I really long for someone who truly understands me and think like I do. But the more of life I experience, the more unlikely does it seem that I will ever meet someone like that. Maybe I'm just being unrealistic. Many people say that in the end, you will end up married with someone who is pretty different from yourself, since you won't stand to be with someone who is just like you. But I don't know...
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Have patience my fellow svensk flicka . . . you are still young . . . you will experience many types of possible mates . . . do not limit yourself to an ideal. Yes there are most definitely soulmates to answer your question. I have met two in my life . . . you will recognize yours immediately . . . as they will recognize you. They are a rare find . . . and they do not automatically mean a perfect mate for life . . . it's bigger than that. Sometimes soulmates walk a different path . . . be open to all possibilities . . . life never turns out to be what we plan. I hope you find what what will give you happiness. Best of luck.

Thank you :-) Are you Swedish, too?

My wife and I are different in several ways, but we consider each other soul mates. I believe there are millions of mates a person could choose that would make a soul mate. I think a large part of it is the individual's attitude toward companionship and devotion. Probably most males are too self centered to have the desire or even the ability.

You're probably right. I've thought about that, too...

Our daughter mentioned (on a completely different subject) yesterday that a recent, ongoing study may be showing that the more testosterone a person has, the more self centered that person is. Ha :^)

I think a Soulmate "somewhat" exists. And I think you are right to try to get someone close to your in actions and values...however you might want to try to find someone who is different than you in the emotional output (one nurtures and one fights) .