Born In Sweden

  • My mother is 85% Chilean and 10% Italian... 5% Bolivian.
  • My father is 80% Chilean and 10% Brazilian and Portuguese... about 10% Swedish.
  • I'm a Swedish citizen though, and my childhood memories are from Sweden.
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hmm, you remember the awfully disgusting and bad-smelling fish Swedes have for Christmas? I hope not... [Most Swedes don't eat that anyway; called : Lutfisk]... But Swedish meatballs are a blessing!

Hahaha.. Lutfisk is NOT a common Swedish Christmas dish - however it was hundred+ years ago, for survival purposes actually.

I'm a born Swede, a huge European mix but Swedish/American in heart. Now, there are tons of weird things out there that people think us Swedes do, and I'm still amazed being born here, yet still hear about weird stuff we are "supposed to do" that is never seen here ;)

Your mix, EmJay, is a wonderful mix. Nowadays quite common here. (Sweden) Keep an ecclectic side, so you get the best of all cultures!

I wish you Love


I definitely have kept the Chilean culture with me! since both parents are from there and raised there.<br />
And i live in a city that has a relatively large Italian population...<br />
I remember a lot of Swedish foods and tastes, not so much the language.<br />
I can speak a little bit of portuguese but not fluently.<br />
I guess i have memories of a lot of mixed heritages.

cool mix. Would be neat if you were able to preserve all the aspects of all of those cultures... do you think you were?