My Swiss-german Ancestors Are From Chur, Switzerland.

My ancestry, as far as I can ascertain from the family geneaology, is 1/2 English, 1/4 French and 1/4 Swiss-German.

My maternal great grandmother came to the U.S. from Switzerland in the late 19th century.  Unfortunately I don't know a lot about her other than that she had lived in Chur, and she married a Swiss man after she arrived from Switzerland.  They had relatives in Chicago, the Truogs (pronounced Troogs,) who ran a tobacco shop in Chicago that we have a photo of.

About ten years ago, my aunt and uncle visited Chur, as well as other places in Switzerland.  I'd love to visit myself.  An old friend of mine, Dieter Macchi, lives outside of Basel.  We both lived in Atlanta years ago; he was originally from Switzerland.

I regret that my story is short, and hope to add more when I visit Switzerland at some future date.

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I'm living in Zurich!!!