I Feel As Well

  i'm unhappy with my life.
I eat every time i'm sad or depressed.
i love my daughter so i wont hurt her by leaving her dad...at the same time i'm not happy with myself because i can't tell my husband that i'm in love with another girl .we've been together for 11yrs him and i.
i have a daughter from a previous relationship although he has raised her as his own .
my husband and i had a ********* with a girl we didn't't know and i fell for her the night we met although she doesn't't know. i found myself that day, i truly realized what i wanted and who i wanted to be..my heart is breaking...i feel so alone in this world by myself. i cant understand why its so had for me to be me.
  • i know he loves her so but what about me can i be loved as well..
  • what can i do what could i say ..i wish i could find another way .to say i'm sorry it happen this way
  • its just my heart cant love you that way
  • ..you see this was not really meant to be this life between you and me..
  • my love is just not for you, my true love is sue..i'm sorry its just not you..
  • .remember the day we said i do my heart  was really broken in two..
  • this is the truth what else can i do believe me its really not you its all about me
i'm sorry for all the hurt i have caused you.
i'm sorry for all the pain
.i'm sorry for not telling you, is that  i'm so ashamed.
mrslonelylady mrslonelylady
31-35, F
May 24, 2010