My Awakening

Hello Brothers and Sisters I was 21yrs old when I met my wife at a butlins holiday camp, trying hard to live more positive due major mistakes in my life. She invited herself within my presence and came to see me during her spare time, she listened to my loud rap music and was shocked that I didn`t listen to Bob Marley, she said you must come meet my uncle. For a while I avoided the proposal to visit with her uncle, then one sunny day I decided to go meet with him, when I entered the room and saw him I felt family, such a strange feeling for me and it was difficult to ignore such a pull inside the heart. I again visited and talked more, he then told me it would not be possible to date his niece due to my heart being young, like a human being I could not ignore the feeling inside and felt to agree, we then hanged out and to my suprise he was an Elder of the Lakota people. He spoke with me so much more than my own father would, and it was not long before I moved in with them to learn, the first night in my dream a Grandmother came to me with so much love in her eye`s and she smiled and was very happy for me, dreams became very clear and understanding wise this was the workings of my Ancestors which only made me even more curious. My curious ways took me back to my Grandmother who lived in Wales at this time, my Grandmother was always strange and interesting, I asked her about our Ancestors and her reaction was, about time you asked, she then said, when you was young I became very worried about you boys because of all that rap music you listened to, she then replied that she has visited this Elder I am with and he is very strong, she then told me of our Ancestors that are Tiano Indian from our Grandfathers side and Nigerian on the Grandmothers side. She told me of the struggles our Great Great Grandmother had to endure to ensure the continuance of the bloodline, our tribe in Nigeria was wiped out due to our strong connections with our homelands and Earth, tribes were payed to help wipe our tribe out because we were in the way of the western ideas, when this happened many of the Grandmothers sold themselfs at the freetown in order to provide a continuance regarding blood. Grandmother was first shipped to Scotland and in them days were privilaged because of her beauty to work in the house, then from Scotland she was shipped to Jamaica. Whilst in Jamaica there was issue`s about slavery amongst the Tiano people, they were strong people with intensions to help and escape slaves from the slave camps, this is the midnight express term, the Tiano people would lay white stones from the slave camp to the center of the forest or bush, and at midnight the slaves would escape and follow these stones and meet up with the indigenous people, and that is how my Great Great Grandmother met my Great Great Grandfather and continued the bloodline. So we are back again with hearts that beat in the same motion as our Ancestors, we feed the spirits and continue the lessons taught to me by an Lakota Elder, we are privilaged and honored to know the truth and know my highest Mother, Motherearth. May we continue the fight for Motherearth, and live for Motherearth.
dread2society dread2society
31-35, M
Feb 18, 2008