I always give up things I like for my family.

When ever I give the bigger piece of fruit or cake or chocolate to them, I don't hear a "thank you" but when I take a bigger piece, they start nagging!!!

The other day husband said I can't find my razor and waited for me to go and look for it!!

Well of course I didn't do as he expected, and I am frowned at and nagged!!

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Good luck finding one

I wouldn't mind a slave!

In his culture, they are!!<br />
<br />
Just kidding! It's not as bad as I pictured it!<br />
<br />
thank you for caring enough to comment.

No! I am a cry baby, a woman thing!!

That must be hard, raising children on your own. I have a daughter, and my husband is a great help in raising her, yet I find myself crying sometimes!! it is really hard.

He is one of those men that never talks back! It's really hard talking to people like that!

((((((((HUGS))))))))<br />
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Try talking to him...

Thanks Floydian, I know. But I expect a little more from my husband. He never thanks me for anything, but he is pretty good at nagging and ob<x>jecting!!

I know, I dont, family can be mean sometimes but like you told me... :)