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If Someone Asks About Me

Say I'm not as strong as I thought, nor as weak as I feared. I am not fast as I would like to, nor I can control when I want, but I have learned to balance the extremes. If I can‘t have everything I want, then I find a way to be happy with the facts.
In the end, what moves me is not strong enough to knock me down, but it is intense enough to make me go further. If someone asks about me, say I am somewhere out there, going through my own world. And if they want to know if I will come back...say yes, but only after the longing has gone away from me.
I will miss you all, tender hugs.
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Take care Princess... I wish you all the best. You will be missed.

Let your strengths be enhanced by making your weaknesses being strengths.

< / 3 Love you Princess

Will miss you as well. <br />
Hope you find what you need to find. :-)<br />
Be well.

Take care and I will miss you *hugs*

Totally understand and wish you all the best , dear Princess. (((((((hugs))))))

Peace and hugs.

You must do whatever you feel is right for yourself of course. Your words have touched me many times. Hurry back :)<br />

This really floors me, as I've come to think of you as someone I (not need) really want to catch up with, and see what you're writing about lately, with much talent ... I respect your decision ...

Take Care Princess xx

hey princess.<br />
<br />
I wish you love.<br />
<br />
Tender hugs.<br />

damn.. are you really leaving? better not forget about me.