I'm Going To Try To, At Least...

Drama. Lies. Deceit.

That's what EP has brought me, or at least a few people in it, I need a break from it all. I swear to god, it feels like I'm back in highschool again. I can't take this much longer. That's why I decided I am going to attempt to take a small break from EP let things boil down a little. Then try to come back, if that still doesn't work, then I will have to figure something else out. Plan B really just is delete my account all together, but we'll have to see.

~Willow B.
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1 Response Nov 22, 2011

Do you know anything about operant conditioning? Classical conditioning?<br />
<br />
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operant_conditioning<br />
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_conditioning<br />
<br />
Although in reality things are a little more complex, it may help you realize that you have a lot more control than what you think you do. <br />
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I find it ironic that EP can be considered a place where, due to mostly being anonymous, people can feel comfortable about freely communicating about things that they normally wouldn't be able to express in the outside world, while simultaneously these people can assume a place of defense, where all they can fathom to talk about is how a few unwanted flies keep surrounding and picking at their food which makes them want to throw it out (e.g. some EP people are playing with your dial, and so, it is encouraging you to consider the prospect of leaving). In theory, it makes sense, if someone receives an electric shock from something that they thought was good, then they may automatically assume that this was a lie and it is in fact bad. Although there may be some truth here, it obviously doesn't mean that this is the whole story.<br />
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This is not a slight on your part, no, just an interesting observation regarding humans in general, in terms of our susceptibility to our own bias', especially confirmation bias, by gee, this one gets me every time!<br />
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I take comfort in realizing that EP, or the world in general, is just 'one big High School' You'll always have your stereotypical jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, cool people, etc, etc... The only thing that counters this notion is that the world (and EP in my opinion - in a much _safer_ way as well) allows you to actively and effectively distance your self from interacting with the groups that you dislike or otherwise don't wish to associate with. So, even though I may get a few electric shocks here and there, I make light of the fact that this little pinch is really just one tree in this enormous savanna, and thus I try to overlook it by actively engaging with phenomena that do make me feel like this 'nature walk' is really what I initially perceived it as, and thus, the reasons I signed up in the first place.<br />
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Take care.