Wellbutrin(bupropion HCl) 75 mg, twice a day for a grand total of 150mg.
The only side effects I have are dizziness and loss of appetite.
People have noticed that I am doing a lot better as a result, which greatly trumps these minor disturbances. I feel like I have my life back after the years of trauma that was inflicted upon me. Depression also runs in my family....FML. But hey it could be worse right?
Since I've been on the Wellbutrin, my anhedonia has gone away, I have far less intrusive thoughts, my anxiety is under control too. These issues which made my sleep damn near impossible have subsided quite significantly. Medications in any way shape of form do not make your life perfect, but they make your problems far more manageable.
kathleenea kathleenea
Aug 17, 2014