Im On Lamictal

i take150 mgs of that and 150 mgs of seroquel a day ...  it has helped me alot im still extremely irritable .  which is never good with two kids ... but im trying to learn ways of coping with their behavior ..  im glad im on these meds if i go off them i typically go in the hospital ...So its important for me to take them ...
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4 Responses Mar 25, 2007

I have been on Lamictal about a year now. I take 250 mg a day. I absolutely love it. I could not handle life without some kind of anger or mental breakdown about every little teeny tiny thing. Now I am the calmest most rational person. I hate taking meds. I actually think Lamictal is making me gain weight but its worth me not being so hard on everyone and myself with my mood swings. But of course this med is not for everyone. Supposedly Abilify or Lithium helps alot of people too.

I started out on 25mg lamictal for depression but when we increased to just 50mg per day my depression got worse, I became withdrawn, ill, hateful, sucidal even. They are removing me off of this medicine today to try something else. I hate feeling so down and out. :( Im glad that this medicine worked for hopefully we can find something that works for me too :( I am not bipolar and don't really understanding the reason for being put on lamictal...has anyone else been put on it for just depression?

yeah i know that feeling sometimes i miss drinking but not very often id rather be stable ... if you wanna talk im here for ya

i am on antidepressants and anti anxiety meds and know that i should not go off either. i snap way too much at my 2 kids and if i have a couple drinks i sure feel the meds not working. my own fault.... like right now i could curl up in a corner and just cry i feel so out of control