Have Taken Antidepressant For 10yrs

Have taken antidepressant for 10yrs, and have had various types but find Prozac the one I take now is very good. Some of the antidepressants have had the wrong effect on me they made my depression worse and made me sucidial for quite a while untill I worked out what was happening and stopped taking those ones, but now I am on Prozac I take 80mgs I am fine and happy. Don't know when I will stop taking them

Blacklucy Blacklucy
2 Responses Aug 2, 2008

Prozac, the granddaddy of the SSRIs has been working for me since 1995!!

Good on you meanderingwings it is very unpleasant when some of the pills give you nasty side affects, I had one where the left side of my face was paralysed, which is very frightening as nobody seem to know what was happening to me. I am so glad I am now on prozac and find it so much better than the other ones, so keep taking yours and I hope they are good for you.