Have Stopped Them

I have stopped for about a week. The withdrawal symptoms are as bad as I expected them to be, but they are taking longer than I expected them to wear off. I read it could take weeks. Wasn't quite expecting that, I was thinking more like maximum a week. But I guess as long as they stay this way it will be manageable for a week or two more. One thing I am sure of is that I will not start taking them again, no matter how hard the symptoms get. I am sick of them.
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you are better off without them....they destroy the neuro transmitters in your brain. the medicene blocks these from workig as they were supposed to work. very sad...there are other more natural ways to increase serotonin . read what these things do....look it up on the internet....im on my 4th week drug free and I will NEVEr go back on those drugs....awfull.....whats worse is that the dr's don't tell you about the hellish side affects of comig off the drugs...

are you a doctor

My doctor did tell me what to expect, I was lucky enough to find a good one who answered all my wuestions and fears, listened to me and even changed my medicine when it was needed.
I strongly believe there are cases when medicine is the way to go, especially when having suicidal thoughts or psychotic episodes. Not the only way indeed, but they do help.

May I ask you why ? This is totally out of curiosity, I have no point of view about it.
But I used to take them at high dose when I was about 16 and I ended in a rather sad place. Now years later my actual therapist suggests me to try again and I dont really know what to think.
Why did you stop exactly ? Is it because of some obvious symptoms or because you chosed to battle depression without it ?
Would love some info about that. Cheers and good luck to you

I stopped them because it was about time :) I have been taking anti-depressants combined with anti-psychotics for about two years. For half an year now I had been easing off, reducing the dose, and I finally got to the point where I could stop them.
I would not recommend to anyone to stop cold turkey or decide for themselves when to stop. Health professionals are there for that reason.
You say you ended up in a sad place. Is it because you were taking them or when you got off them?
Fighting depression is a long and difficult road. If need be, anti-depressants can help on that road, but you need a good doctor to help you with them and listen to you and help adjust the dosage or even change entire medication if it doesn't suit you.
If you have any other questions, do ask, it's okay. I know I would have wanted someone to answer my questions when I started them...