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I'm on Abilify,Effexor or however you pell the damn name and welbutrin but I'm sure that is going to change bexcause my psychologist just refeered me to a nurse with a huge title, I forget what it is exactly but I bet she is going to change all of my meds around becasue of some things that have been happening to me.
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2 Responses May 23, 2007

I personally had a hard time with the Abilify. Tried it with all diffrent combos of others and it was the main cause for some really wierd side affects.

im on venlafaxine (effexor) is the other name i think. is that what your on? i went to see my nurse to see if ther was something she could do bout the meds coz of side effects and so far thers nothing beter out in nz and iv tried everything else haha.. sucks ay.. did they change your meds?