I Hate My Antidepressants

I mean I guess the Celexa are doing their job. I still hate my life but the pills make me not care. I mean god forbid the pharmacy screws up and I don't have them for a day. They make me feel like a junkie, it's obvious to me I'm addicted to them. If I'm without them I start to shake and get extremely agitated. My body temperature goes up and I get and extreme my head is about to explode headache.

I've never been off them for more than 2 days since I've been on them since August of 2011. I hate them so much though they make me hate myself.
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5 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Been through half the meds on the market and it takes for freaking ever to find the right combo of what works for your body. No worse feeling than forgetting to take em before you head out for the day and become a dead-weight basket case... Blah!
Keep fighting the good fight, things'll get better sooner or later :)

I used to feel the same about my celexa. I had to stop taking them because of side effects.

Am I an ******* for saying after so many years, my meds are working out for me? >_>

Celexa never seemed to work for me. :(

But taking antidepressants is NOT a sign of weakness. You wouldn't beat yourself up if you needed to take blood-pressure medication, right?

Think of them as being of some use to you, since you know when you've missed a dose. I've been there, and it's frightening to realize how edgy and agitated I can be when I've had to go without antidepressants for too long.

Be good to yourself.

I am in your same shoes how are you today