I'd Rather Deal With Life ...

I'd rather deal with life on my own
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If I had continued to think like that, my life wouldn't be what it is today. I am a much better person because of my anti-depressants. I don't give a crap what anyone else thinks. Those who know me see the drastic difference. I am the person on the outside that I used to want to be, and knew I was on the inside. I wish people would take their meds when they need them. The only thing wrong with meds, is if you don't need them, but most of the time people do need them and refuse because of the stigma. I say screw the stigma. I'd rather be happy. I am no longer alienating everyone I know with my mood swings, so my life and my relationships are now better. Sometimes you can fix your life, but if the problem is a chemical imbalance, then you need to fix your chemicals! Don't knock it until you try it.

what do you take?

liam i feel exactly like you!! i get bored so quickly with everything but then get too anxious to complete the next thing I go on to. It's awful. It makes you feel trapped. I'm also on antidepressants...they're not exactly working yet. :( sucks to be depressed and anxious all the time.

i wish there was no shame for us ppl with mental challenges, and no stigma in taking the meds!!<br />
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sadly our world is not so gracious and compassionate. too bad, the world would be much better off if everyone would stop being an *** in this reagard and live and let live!!!

reducing stess could reduce my depression. <br />
<br />
but then i get bored, which increases depression. <br />
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i feel i need new things to occur so stop boredom. New things also get me nervous/anxious and with the help of ADs i can lower the anxeity of new experiences. <br />
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pickle im in. BUT i have now had enough to take these harsh chemicals and live my life happily for a while and maybe deal with health defects. This is rather than living healthily physically and continuing to be mentally unhappy.<br />
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Physical unhealthyness can be overpowered by a strong mind. A weak mind cannot be overpowered by a strong body. <br />
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A shame to resort to drugs. But maybe the only option. Dont judge me *******.

i too take prozac, up to 100 mg a day now, i am wondering if cutting out parts of my stressful occupation(trial lawyer) will help me get off or greatly reduce the prozac. does anyone have any comparable situations? has occupational stress driven the use of anti-d's only to find that when the occupational stress is removed that the need for meds reduces or disappears?

A relatively normal, healthy person should by all means<br />
do so - Prozac should (like all the easy to overprescribe<br />
anti depressants) be used only in cases where it is necessary to preserve functionality or even life. I maintained dealing with my severe depression and ocd for over 30 years with adaptive action, prayer, positive thinking, and even hours of meditation and self hypnosis. But when I became near totally dysfunctional finally, only prozac and other drugs were all that stood between me and oblivion. At that point taking them was an easy choice to make- and undoubtedly the correct one. Now that I am able to exercise adaptive action once again- supported by the anti depressant- anti ocd drug prozac, it's the miracle that allowed me to become functional again, and resume dealing with life.