I have dysthymic disorder (a form of depression.. meaning I am just sorda depressed all the time.. no real ups or downs)

I started on it about 4 months ago.. but recently got diagnosed with ADD and now on medicine for that too.. BUT I did find the pristiq worked for a while but when my ADD got bad about a month ago I found my mood was didnt' matter how good things were I was so miserable to everyone in my family!

I am on meds for my ADD but I did found Pristiq worked good and it took the constat want for food away.  That in itself made my depression lift a bit cause I knew I wasn't eating everything in the house!

I encourage everyone to find the right medicine or natural way and go for it until you find the answer.  I have to say its taking me about 8 years to FINALLY have all the peices in place.  I realize now that it was a journey to hear and WOW what a journey.. !!

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Dythsmia for most is really more like a background depression. You know something is wrong but it'snot strong enough to bite you. You feel wrong and always in the wrong place, with the wrong people, the wrong job, all of it feels wrong but not enoug to cause you to change really.<br />
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It is thought the ba<x>se off which deep depression springs and should be treated. Mine never was as I thought we all felt like that. Apparently we don't. 25 years I lived with it. Before it beca,e major and has remained so really.

I have dysthimya too. It's so hard to live with it. I'm taking pristiq aswell, some days I feel it works, others don't

I'm glad things worked out for you. I am really struggling with a constant wanting to eat. It's so discouraging. I hate having this problem and feel I will never lose weight.