Medication Is Not Evil

i have to say that antidepressants SAVED MY LIFE.  this is correct.  i was in college and about to commit suicide.  i called my doctor to prescribe something.  i told him i had anxiety (which i did too) and hoped that he would prescribe me enough sedatives so that i could off myself.  fortunately he gave me some paxil instead.  i've been on antidepressants now for 12 years and while i don't always feel blissfully happy i feel like my life is manageable.  i am able to function.  there was a point in which i stopped taking my medication because i wasn't working and i did not have health insurance.  it was about 2 months and it was a very scary time.  i almost immediately became consumed by depression and suicidal thoughts again.  i finally got back on my meds and have not stopped taking them to this day.  anyone who claims that antidepressants are merely the pharmaceutical industry trying to take advantage of us, please listen to me.  they are my salvation.

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I agree, this needs to be said more and louder. I feel like I am on a crusade against people that make negative blanket statements about antidepressants. It discourages people from getting help, and it makes me very angry. There is nothing wrong with needing antidepressants. I sound like a broken record, but they gave me my life back when nothing else worked. Medication doesn't work for everyone, but just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean you are justified in berating antidepressants and by extension, those of us who rely on them. <br />
You'll begin to see me exact my wrath on those who propagate any garbage, so be forewarned. I'm determined to drive this stigma back into the shadows whence it came. Thank you geenpunchbuggie!<br />

Thanks for your story and the contributions here.

It is easier for people to understand that not everybody is physically as fast as the average person, maybe as flexible, as strong, as smart, etc. But somehow because the mental processes are invisible, it is hard for most people to think that some people may not generate the same level of chemicals in their brain to keep them general good mood. And that meds can really be very helpful in helping these folks in a productive mood.

mental illness is not a joke, in fact i believe i read somewhere being bipolar is more fatal than being an obese chain smoker. not to be scary, but you are absolutely right that medication saved your life. ive never been seriously suicidal, but ive been to the depths of depression where i thought i might be happier if i wasnt alive anymore. thankfully you got out of that place! if you ever need advice on meds check out and the boards there, very smart helpful folks for sure. but it sounds like you have a good doctor who is helping you. please take care, and be in touch if you need anything at all!