Taking Diet Pills

I am originally from California and it is very impressional on young women to be thin.
Even if i ran four miles a day, every day, (which i did before i moved from California), i wouldn't get any thinner than i already am.
I have gained weight sense the move, and i went from 135 pounds to 178 pounds.
I did lose weight, but i have not lost enough.
My goal has always been to be 125 pounds but everything i have done wont let me get down to that weight.
I was wondering if anyone could list diet pills they have used.
My requirements are
1. They have to work
2. They cannot be horrible for you

If anyone can share their stories and let me know which one works the best, i would appreciate it.
Thank you!!

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5 Responses May 23, 2012

Look up bethel30 pills. They work and have no side effects

What is in them and how much are they?

I've had good luck with this diet: I let myself eat as much as I want of vegetables, fruits, and whole-wheat carbohydrates. Lots of fiber is good, because it will make you feel full with fewer calories. Some of the whole wheat breads today contain as much as five grams of fiber per slice, which really helps. Stay away from meat, white carbohydrates (like any kind of white bread), and sweets (no sodas). Dedicated vegetarians have a real advantage here.

Thank you. I do love my fruit and veggies. But i am no vegetarian. I just couldnt do it. I have tried. I only drink about 3 sodas a year, and i hate white bread. I used to run 4 miles a day, but that didnt help either. I guess im just made this way.

i know what works. wellbutrin xL 300mg. You have to go to the doctor to get a presc<x>ription. just say your depressed and youll be 125 in about 3 months. it makes you lose weight. but it has to be xl not sr.

Wont they do some sort of test first?

no. just a blood test so they can monitor you.

I dont think that will work. i dont feel comfortable lying to my doctor. Thank you though.

I was already 135 and i still didnt look the way i wanted to.

125 pounds , will make you look too skinny , its connected with your body shape type as well . http://www.diabetesdaily.com/voices/2008/07/mirror-mirror-on-the-wall/<br />
Maybe 135 pounds will do?