Where Am I Now?

As far back as I can remember I sort of knew something was not quite as it should be. I always identified more with other girls liked a lot of the things they liked and preferred their company. Still I took the path of least resistance and conformed to Societies expectations. I was able to hide the fem side of myself and compensate by becoming the disruptive student, troubled teenager and hetro guy sleeping with many. That was the sixties and free loving and hippies were in. Now as a 56year old male I like to reflect on what might have been if the Internet, hormones and the sexual revolution was around 25years ago. Certainly my four children would not be around and my ex wives would have been saved some grief but I don't know whether my life would have been a lot better but certainly different. Still Have been on HRT for the last six years I would have to say that my fem side fits me a lot better.Like to correspond with others cheers.
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1 Response Jul 16, 2010

The best part of bring on female hormones for me (not taken for the last year) is that they give you a peaceful feeling inside of you over the frustration and anxiety of wanting to be a woman. I talked to my psych about it and she said that is one way you can tell if you brain chemistry is meant to be a woman. After taking estrogen for a short while you feel so much better about yourself. <br />
After not being on them for a year and actually taking testosterone to try and be more of a "guy" I find the testosterone and I don't get along. It gives me headaches and makes me feel flush and angry. That is not how I want to live my life so I am considering going back to being a woman but that is not as ez done especially when being married with kids now.