Seven Years

So far.

It has taken me seven years to get to a place where I might actually make some forward progress on my degree.

It's put up or get out time.

Nerve wracking? You bet.

I love a challenge.


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3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I took about 10 years, but had 270 plus credit hours. A graduate degree was much easier.

I've always said that I'm here for an education, not a degree. And I think I just might be getting one. :D

I, too, am taking a long time to attain my community college degree; I am halfway through my 7'th year! I will attain it!<br />
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I don't think that you need to "get out" because you've been a college student for a long time! For individual reasons, different lengths of time work for different persons!<br />
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Keep it at! Having a college degree will prove to be quite valuable!