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Hedonism .. “love Is A Universal Language”

Posted March 15th, 2011 at 9:47PM
This was our first time going with a group, and our first time at Hedonism 2! Needless to say, we were very excited and anxious at the same time! We knew the resort was sold out, but going with the group was awesome because we got to know some of the people going ahead of time. One couple we met on-line was on our bus! Hubby and I were in the front seat so it wasn’t until we stopped for the “potty/beer” break on the way before I realized it. “He” recognized me from our pictures and introduced himself! It was so cool to know people ahead of time as we got to see them at varying times during our stay and we will continue to keep in touch!!

When we arrived at the resort our group leaders were waiting for us, which was nice! We checked in and made our way to our room looking around intently at the new surroundings and we could not wait to rid our clothing and get to the beach!

Now there is so much to write about, but I will get to this “one” story ..

I told hubby that one of my fantasies was to “meet someone who didn’t speak my language and **** him, for the language of love is universal” ..

Upon entering the nude hot tub an hour later we were surrounded by a group of Italian speaking men. I scanned around and immediately noticed a younger guy I was very much attracted to. He wasn’t as aggressive as the rest of the guys who certainly made it obvious they were attracted to me. The other guys spoke some English, broken albeit. I watched him as his friends flirted with me. In the meantime someone started pouring whipped cream all over girl’s nipples and sure enough they made it to me, and two of those Italian men took advantage of licking the cream off my nipples.

My husband was pushing me to be naughty and know this, if it were not for him I would not be so apt to indulge in that direction. My thrill comes from my husband, always and without him it would never be the same.

With my husband’s direction and the activities going on, I kept my eye on the young Italian who eventually made his way over to me. We touched, kissed and he didn’t understand a bit of English. But he knew I liked him and I knew he liked me because his **** was rock hard and he played with my ***** attempting to **** me in the hot tub. I blocked his efforts a couple times looking at my husband – we are condom people, and hubby asked a couple of times if he should get me one. But I had it under control! I took him by the hand and lead him to my bag, where I took a condom out and then led him up a walkway out of view. I know everyone saw that in the hot tub.

I tried to put the condom on him, but he was so freaking thick! He took over and put it on himself while I bent over. He thrust in me but I could not take his thick ****. He thrust several times to get it in me and finally he got it in and when I knew he was going to *** I stood up and took his condom off and played with his **** with my hand .. he squatted and went down on my ***** - he made me *** hard and in aggression I pushed him away so I could play with him more and then sucked him until he came .. he came so much I could not hold it in my mouth! When we returned to the hot tub all the Italian men were cheering but I zoomed in on my husband who had the biggest smile and I couldn’t wait to feel his arms around me and for us to discuss this adventure.

Love is a Universal Language
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That is damned hot! You are one lucky bastard to have such a hotwife.

that is a very hot story. We have been and the wife ****** one of the bartenders from the nude bar. He was a young Jamaican and he was hung like a horse. He ****** her 2 nights that we were there. The second night he ****** her for 3 hours. It was quit an experience.