My Ramblin

In my opinion... and this is just my opinion... appearance matters
  I used to like to dress up for my husband.
If we were going in public, I always tried to look nice.
I for the most part, didn't wear sneakers
and never sweat pants if we were leaving the house for any reason
I figured if we ran into someone he worked with or someone new,
I wanted him to be proud I was standing next to him
I think putting on a nice top with even jeans and a shoe, anything but a sneaker
made such a difference, didn't take any longer
was just as comfortable
and made me feel so much better
  now that he has passed...
im wearing his sweat pants everyday  LOL
but not when I leave the house

PassarellisLove PassarellisLove
41-45, F
Feb 7, 2010