For Panic Attacks

I'm taking seroquel for panic disorder with agoraphobia. They had previously tried me on SSRI's (antidepressants) but it made the panic attacks worse.

I have become hopeful for my future and sought information on new medications or combinations that would bring me the rest of the way back to functional, unfortunately I have found out seroquel is in that experimental phase of seeing what it can do for conditions other than what it was designed for (not uncommon).

I am looking into becoming a pharmacist and the 'sales pitch' for perspective students made it seem as though a pharmacist is exactly whom I should address the questions to. I had the opportunity to do that and I was meet with surprise that medications that are supposed to increase serotonin levels made it worse and a medicine which is suppose to block serotonin helped.

Apparently, I am much further than a year away from being able to pick myself back up and start school. And just to make the situation worse, as there seems to always be that one more thing to make a situation overwhelming, I have come up for review regarding my disability benifits.

Seroquel has helped a lot, but not enough for me to function, I can go out with limits, but as an example I had to go out for about an hour, three days in a row...this made me too sick to even function around the house for four days afterwards. If the disability benifits are stopped I don't know what I will or could do.

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xanex. really.

thanks to holiday stresses I think I have realized what the seroquil is doing for me. It's removing the sensation of not being able to breathe from my panic attacks and that was a key factor in the escalation of my panic.<br />
I think that it's odd because I take it at night it used to make me fall right asleep now it makes me hungry and as I struggle to make it to the kitchen I can't breathe at all sometimes I have to lay on the floor mid-journey to catch my breath

I started out on Seroquel and they had to change it to quetiapine, because the seroquel made me a zombie all the time. Turns out the Quetiapine does also. I'm trying to go to school full time with severe agoraphobia.

I took the same meds, I also deal with agoraphobia at times. I am currently on lexapro and have found that it helps a lot and helped with depression to. It gave me a pick me up. It took a few days to stop feeling overstimulated then I was great! You may mention it to your doctor. It works diffrently for everyone but it got me through school.