I Am Stopping Her In Her Tracks...

I am taking my ex-friend to small claims court. She had actually stole my identity and opened fraudulent accounts in my name, and left me with the bill from collections. She had opened the account in March 2009 and was canceled by the company due to lack of payment in June 2009. How she actually did this? When I was friends with her still, I thought I could trust her by leaving my bag unattended while going to use the washroom. This is the only time she could ever get my information. She went through my bag and my wallet, got all my information, drivers license number, sin number, credit card numbers and used them against me. Without me ever knowing. I stopped talking to her about a month after this fraudulent account was made, due to unrelated circumstances. I have absolutely no contact with her and I wish never too. In December of 2009, I received a collections bill in the mail telling me that I owe $1380.71 for this account that I had no clue I had opened. This is why I am suing her, for what I am owed from this fraudulent account that I had to pay off.

This was the first time that I have ever had my identity stolen. So, I never knew that i needed to make a police report, until the collections agency told me I should have at that time. Though how could I? I didn't know about this! He then proceeded to tell me that I can not  make a claim now because it is too late. Not having been through this before, I believed collections and didn't try to make a claim.

Last week, I went to the court house, where my ex-friend had lived, filed a notice of claim against her. I had gone to her place where she had lived but I couldn't locate her. So I found a Bailiff who would serve her the papers for me. Considering I can't get out to where she lived. I was also told by the bailiff that I should, in fact, make a police report and questioned why I didn't do this before. As I am telling her the story on what had happened with my ex-friend and the collections, she had told me that collections are just out to get their money and they do not have your interested at heart.

At the moment, I am still trying to serve her papers. I had a mutual friend of ours call me and tell me that she is now on the run from social services. She is now living up in the okanagan and she will try to find her address for me. I am still waiting for the address though I have taken measures to protect my identity and she shouldn't be able to use it anymore. I have also reported this through a website runned by the lower mainland police department and will be driving out to her old area to make a formal report this week.

I should have some new details soon.

eastsidechick eastsidechick
26-30, F
Mar 2, 2010