I'm tired, my feet, my brain, my never ending sore and raspy throat, just had too much. I have tons to do, math homework, laundry, dishes, general house work, a dirty car and more and guess what... I DON'T CARE! Well not today anyways, I'm so in need of a break and therefore tonight I'm here visiting and writing, picked up a pizza for the kids and a few movies and that's the extent of life. Just needed an evening off and some time with the kids. The dirt will still be around tomorrow so no worries.

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7 Responses Feb 28, 2009

the 4 year old can dry dishes and the teem can do his/her own laundry

only one teen but she'll be cleaning today for sure... the little ones love to help out but at 2 & 4 their dishwashing skills are more cute than effective

get you teen to do their own laundry <br />
<br />
get the kids to help with the dishes <br />
<br />
if the kids messed up the car interior guess what they get to help clean

aahh the growing dirt pile! I so wish I didn't have to work tomorrow. I hope the courts do something in my favor so I can quit that yuck place

You go MSP!!! You deserve this - and that is the best advice for all of us moms - single moms in particular: spend time with the kids! The dirt WILL be there tomorrow!! All the best :)

whew its really hard sometimes- i know!

Sounds like a good move.